Tablelands Wedding photography, couple walking on a country road
Ingham Wedding Photography, couple walking on the beach
New Zealand Elopement Couple Photography
Tablelands wedding photography, Couple walking in the field
Townsville Wedding Photography, Wedding couple standing in front of shed
Cairns Wedding Photography, Bride running into the sunset

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I'm James

I'm a light chaser and a moment seizer, and I'm on a mission to create heart throbbing images!

I have been capturing weddings for the past 7 years through both film and photography, and have loved every moment. Weddings are possibly the greatest opportunity to capture people through the lens, on the best day of their lives. So much effort and months of planning and prep go into this special day: hair, makeup, suits, flowers, dresses, styling every finer detail, and I get the honour of freezing these moments.

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And I'm Sam

Hey! I'm Sam, a story obsessed geek that's been capturing love stories with this guy next to me for the past 7 years.

I've been part of the L team (L for legends) since beginning my story telling chapter. I love the relationships we've formed with our couples over the years and how it's shaped my work.

I'll be moving on in late 2021 however and you'll find me in Tasmania as Wonderlust Films.

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Weekends are for love

We don’t get the traditional weekend at home, but that's okay, because we're spending most weekends shooting awesome people getting hitched!